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To our ILEditor 2 Users

Before ILEditor 2 was released in April 2020 it had already undergone two rewrites. Originally it was going to be a web-based IDE, then Connor suggested it be an electron app, and then it had its final form. We’ve put so much work into ILEditor 2 and the IBM i components and we want to continue our work deeply.

It is our vision that open-source is the past, present, and future. We are dedicated to being closer to the community. We believe that implementing the coming changes will allow us to connect with our users better. We want to provide our users with the best tooling and believe this is the right direction for our business, our users, and IBM i.

Going forward, we will be moving all functionality to Visual Studio Code as a formal extension available in the Marketplace. This means a magnitude of things

  1. We will be moving our pro features to private extensions for existing and new customers.
  2. There will continue to be a free extension, which actually has more features than the free version of ILEditor 2.
  3. ILEditor 2 will be discontinued in place of Code for IBM i, our Visual Studio Code extension.

The current extension is fully open-source software - we’ve already had 12 contributors and we are looking to improve on that.

Why Visual Studio Code? VSCode is the most used IDE on the planet. It is used by developers of all kinds of backgrounds: front end, backend, full-stack, mobile, IoT - and now IBM i. Our VSCode extension, Code for IBM i, has been out since February 2021. It has been downloaded over 700 times and continues to gain more interest every day. We want IBM i developers to only use the best tools. VSCode is one of the best tools and we want to extend that for IBM i developers.

While Code for IBM i will remain free and open-source, we plan on shipping our Pro features as private extensions before they become open-source. For example, Code Coverage and source date support might be in our Pro features to start with, before they eventually make it into the open-source version. We are going to keep to monthly and yearly subscription models, but at a new lower price.

What does this really mean? It simply means that we are moving our resources from ILEditor 2 over to Code for IBM i. Code for IBM i will be free and open-source. This a rather large change, so with that being said: this is the plan:

  1. We will be canceling all existing subscriptions to ILEditor 2.
  2. Those that have subscriptions will continue to receive support for the product until their subscription runs out.
  3. From here on out, we will only be shipping security fixes to ILEditor 2.
  4. Existing subscribers will be able to access to Pro functionality free of charge.

We are not ready to announce a full list of pro features or our new lower price, but you will know when we do. For the time being, you should:

We love our users and we want to continue working with you to build a great product.

  • Halcyon Tech Ltd
  • Connor and Liam