The future of IBM i

Bring your development up to speed with the fastest, most advanced cross-platform tool for IBM i development yet.

No hassle compiling

Don’t take your hands away from the keyboard. When you’re working on your RPG, COBOL or C applications, it doesn’t even take one click to compile your applications and see error listings.

See it on the inside

Code for IBM i Pro includes support to streamline your coverage tests right within the IDE. We make creating, maintaining and running your tests as simple as a click.

Watch it grow

We want developers to live in the future, which is why Code for IBM i comes with a git plugin for IBM i. Develop in any language in the IFS (including RPG, COBOL, C, PHP, etc) and use the git plugin to track & manage source.

Source Browsers

Code for IBM i has simple integrated browsers for source-physical files and the IFS.

Inline Compiling

Compile any ILE language right from the editor. Easily configure your editor to add support for more languages.

Syntax Highlighting

Support for majority of ILE languages: RPG, CLLE, C, C++ and even COBOL, thanks to @barrettotte!

Intuitive Design

We’ve built the extension for simplicity. We cut down on clutter and made it easy to get started with.

Inline Error List

We’ve made the error listing easy to use. We show you everything you need to know about your compile.

Plugin System

Code for IBM i is not only an extension, it is an extension that you can use to build your own IBM i tools.

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